CG senpai

< What CG senpai >

Since openAI has started offering custom chatGPT,

I started making a GPT specializing in CG called "CG Senpai".

For example, it gets the latest information from the Web, and tells simplified trends in VFX and games.

In the future, I would also like to provide information related to AI.

All replies will be in English, but if Japanese is included, the reply will be in Japanese.

For example,

"about USD format" = Answer in English

"USD format とは" = Answer in Japanese

< CG senpai とは >

openAIがカスタムchatGPTを提供し始めたので、「CG senpai」というCG専門のGPTを作り始めました。





"USD format とは" = 日本語での返答

------ Usage ------

houdini , merge ( SideFX houdini's merge node functionality and how to create it will be returned. )

blender , make sphere  ( Blender's sphere creation method will be returned. )

CG senpai